Services & Capabilities

Catch Basin Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining catch basins help prevent flooding issues as well as discharge into local streams

CIPP Repairs

Cured-in-place-pipe lining repairs pipes with structural deterioration, distortion, corrosion, and cracking.

Dye Testing

Dye testing provides the ability to visibly detect defects with ease.

Lateral Lining From Cleanout

Lining from a cleanout is a cost effective way or repairing a damaged lateral without having to replace the pipe

Main To House Lining

MTH lining is one of the latest advances in lining, full length lateral lining from within the mainline without any digging

Laser Profiling

Quick and efficient way to determine ovality of a pipe

Lateral CCTV Inspections

Deteect blockages, cracked pipes, offset joints, easily from within the mainline

Lateral Connection Chemical Grouting

Chemical solution to sealing problematic lateral connections.

Lateral Connection Lining

Structural solution to repair problematic lateral connections.

Main Line TV Inspection

Sophisticated pipe and sewer system data collection, analysis, reporting and archiving.

Mainline Chemical Grouting

Providing a cost effective, permanent seal against corrosion, infiltration and exfiltration.

Manhole Inspections

Individual inspections and reports of manholes identifying key issues.

Mini-cam TV Inspection

Specially designed cameras and equipment inspect piping as small as 2 inches in diameter.

Root Removal

High-powered root cutters with EPA-approved treatments kill intruding roots and inhibit growth.

Sewer Cleaning

High velocity jetting and power bucketing for fast, effective cleaning of sewer lines.

Smoke Testing

Detect possible infiltration sources along with drainage issues

Street Sweeping

Debris cleanup on roadways with a multitude of equipment for all situations

Tank Cleaning

Ensuring rapid, safe and complete removal of both solids and liquids from tanks.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaning

Reliable, high performing vacuum services for difficult environments.

Vacuum Excavation

Safe and economical excavation in areas inaccessible to conventional digging equipment.

Our Unmatched Guarantee


In over six decades Carylon companies have never failed to fulfill a contract and to meet or beat contractual specifications. Our projects range in size from the use of one man and one piece of equipment to those requiring the use of multi-company, multi-disciplinary crews and a fleet of specialized equipment.